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Anthony's Journal
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Date:2005-07-10 18:48

De retour sur ce vieux journal. Comble de l'ennuie je suis obligé dupdater ce site en plus de mon blog actuel. Well i'm going to speak english to get on some people's nerves with my awkward english. Well, I just wondered yesterday why I was going to London with such a bad level. Well I hope I'll be able to perfect it a little, since I didn' t have the opportunity through my studies in Lille. Ahhh, going to london with my sebastian is bound to be fun anyway, and less boring than today, less boring than tomorrow... Ah belle and sebastian, such a great band.. Anyways, I still can ' t fucking wait to come back to lille to meet my boy, I haven' t seen him for like a whole month, and it hurt me so much, I was just vulnerable without him. I hope he'll forget some annoying things I did and he did so that we can catch up instead of fighting. ok laterrr people.

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Date:2005-07-03 19:54

I will be a fur ball, hidden underneath a duck's feathers.


I need to have a schedule. I need to get my ass off this chair and get the hell out of here.

The fur ball is going to eat. He will look for things to do afterwards.

All I just wanna eat is some danish duck with sweat and drool.

Ill have it soon. Limb by limb. In my mouth.

It's so tasty, just a danish duck with nothing added.

Just raw.


I want it raw.

From his tiptoes to his ears.

Yeah that's it. I'll have it entirely, for me. I won' t make you taste it.

I love my baby fatty duck.

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Date:2004-10-03 17:21

Let' s update for update 's sake! Actually i'm writing this entry for the empteenth time, since LJ has been messing up every time i had finished writing. Anyways, i'm back in LJ after this long period of silence owing to the fact i had suscribed to another blog more fun i must tell you, nevertheless ive been cheking up on you week by week, so don' t u worry hanarka, i'm still eager to know your depraved and purposeless life, than anyone out there could dare write out of shame, but hey, we're all in the same case, so what the hell... ok read this poem, i mean this sort of poem i have written just after talking to my buddy sebastian, la creature inspiré et inspirante, well that' s it, so let ' s read it, comments are welcome, cheers.

Mood swings going back and forth
Dreariness makes them falter surepticiously
You and I are lost in the desert
Where black pebbles keep blinding our eyes
We are wandering, submerged by the loneliness
Our hands needing someone to be taken
But nobody' s coming, still are we waiting
Our journey has lasted forever,
For we couldn' t find our way home
So far away was the horizon,
That it should have gone away from us
Nightmare-like fear...we did not reach it.
I turned out from this dim-lit shade in the distance
So did my comrade following me.
Through the endless dunes, we are stumbling over the waves of sands
We tumbled down on the knees and yell to the angels
So that they may rescue us from our purposeless trip
Our rags-to-destiny couldn't be raised
We are now to give up our musings and surrender
For they'll never fulfill
Consciousness humbled us from our arrogance and pretention
For taking us apart from the human world and man-kind
Suffocating, and sweating from this overwhelming fears
We collapsed, overcome with grief,
Nobody may soothe our wounds,
For we are the only inhabitants of this land.
So we decide to let us drowned into the moving sand
Until our last breath recover entirely our bodies
There is nothing left to say but finally surrender
In spite of our young men's utopian illusions
Keeping erring in our souls full of fantasies.

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Date:2004-07-03 12:10

Yesterday i woke up sucking a lemon .

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Date:2004-01-07 14:29

It' s been awhile since i haven' t written in the LJ thing, but i' ve been utterly lazy lately, i kept chilling out with my friends , i mean a friend , cos i've not so many ones, anyways i prefer being alone at the moment , i don' t know why , but as bjork sang " i turn myself in, i give myself up... " and i ve felt quite the same since the begining of the vacation . so , yeah i have still a thrilling life except for ... no my life is empty but those long times in front of my computer , and listening to music . I went to the movies, i saw Scary Movie it was Ok , i liked the two blonds at the begining , how funny blonds are... as talking about blonds , marie is siting her last exam right now, she was alone in our lil apartment for 3 days how despairing... i hope she'll get rid of the trashes before coming back to charleville . lol oh my god, that sounds like a couple preoccupations, i hate that ! lol anyways .

As for the new yr, i decided not to stay at home like a looser, but going to the dinner at a friend of mine with her family, i slept there and enjoyed this time, it ' s weird but i'm not used to be " in family " , i mean my parents seems to be never here, we didn' t even celebrate Xmas this year, can you still believe this ? i can't ... Actually my grand-father seemed to be dying, but he didn' t , so we were all depressed and decided not to celebrate it (that doesn' t mean we wanted him to die to celabrate it lol). how weird . it was the first time i didn' t celebrate it , but oh well. I didn' t even have a Xmas tree, anyhow, the end of the year was crap . but i did have my presents, such as my fabulous Dior belt and a Dior bag ( i look so smart with those things!), and stuff...

ah well, im waiting for the results of the last exams which i had fucked up ... if but any unexpected luck i passed them i would be in vacation to the end of february Yay-ness !!!

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Date:2003-11-08 23:24
Subject:Pour une fois quil se passe un truc dans notre amphi !!!

Le 14 octobre de cette année, une etudiante a eu une crise de nerfs et a donc ete conduite au plus vite au CUPS pour ensuite etre invitée à l'hopital psychiatrique . Comme koi , les études de droit menent a tout et il est inutile de s'inquieter pour notre avenir !!!!!!!

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Date:2003-10-11 16:30
Subject:la fuc ...
Mood: busy

University is tiring , but i love being a law student . and i'm not one of those goobers , in the back of the amphitheater , i'm rather the kind of guy on the first or second row actually . all my lectures are interesting , i took constitutional and international law in the tutorial groups (travaux dirigés). it ' s interesting , and the english law class is cool, even if the student' s standard is weak i guess. the English teacher got on my nerves yesterday, for he was talking about brain drain, he considers the people going abroad to work is a lack of patriotism, but i don' t understand him, his point seemed to be 2 superficial, and groundless.What he said is serious, so he would have had to precise his point.i'm not gonna tell him my plans for the future for sure ... oh well .

I intend to go to the United STATES for the next vacation, cos actually if i pass the first semester exams , i'll have 2 months off, owing to the new LMD system !!! can' t believe it . So i have to work hard for the uni , so hard , like Marion, ahhhh Marion I MISS HER A LOT , goddamn it , it ' s like seeing your best friends fadind away in a dark cloudy day , it 's ... unspeakable, i didn' t know i would miss her , really . why did she decide to study in fucking REIMS ... the thing is , i feel weaker without her , i have friends , but she' s not here , and she was part of this homogenic bubble i had made . how sad ...

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Date:2003-09-28 10:02
Subject:Une page se tourne
Mood: confused

i will be at university tomorrow , can' t believe it ! seriously, i'm so stressed out . i had my schedule , and i realize we're gonna work like round the clock, gosh... So i'll have to handle with this abrupt change. but how ? ...

Furthermore, i already realized university meant > no star academy , no hanging out , no life .

so weird

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Date:2003-09-20 14:28

i woke up crying this morning . I' ve not cried for many months (or yrs?) . so weird .Actually i'm often sad or even despaired but i prefer turning myself in and hiding all my secrets inside , but this time i couldn' t anymore. This flood of sadness had to spread through tears ... it was just after this dream, when i heard his voice. I woke up suddenly to realise it was just a dream ... i was feeling like crap, sobbing on my bed, still now . I'm gonna go out , to have some fresh air , to forget . To forget i'm alone on this whole world, to forget i am a coward, someone who just can' t handle.

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Date:2003-09-12 11:22

je vais voir Benjamin Biolay , j'ai décidé.

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Date:2003-09-10 16:09

I' m gonna go to see Justin Timberlake live in Paris with Marie on November 29 TH yeah .She also wanted to see Christina A. but we'll have to be at uni , cos it s on a thursday . 2 bad .

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Date:2003-09-09 18:24
Subject:c sarah qui va etre contente

audrey Tautou interviewed for the movie Dirty pretty things :

_ Quand ils changeaient une phrase du scenario, attention, il fallait me prevenir deux jours a l'avance.

So , i don' t know if she really realized how dumb she was when she said that . ok she doesn' t speak english very well so it may be harder to learn in english , but STILL ! Anyway i liked this movie, even though it was weird to see her playing that role .

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Date:2003-09-09 09:56

i start university on Fri. 19 th . so that ' s cool , for i was expecting to start it on 10. So i can rest a bit , cos my vacation was extremely tiring. i'm 2 lazy to type things up in this thing . maybe l8er. instead, i've downloaded 2 new icons .

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Date:2003-08-08 20:17
Mood: drained

I'm 2 tired to pack my bags for my summer trips . i get out of here tomorrow in the morning , and all my suitcases should be packed now, but they re not.I'm just 2 lazy and lethargic to do that fucking chore .

I'll be back On SEPTEMBER 7 th .

Paris: from AUG 9 to 11
SOUTH AFRICA : From AUG 11 to 26
Nice southern france : From AUG 26 to 7

that's all.

btw, i am to be at the start of the new university year on sept . 8 , how am i going to do , for i don' t have any furniture to put in my apartment. Well , i guess we ll sleep , eat on the floor ... oh. nevermind .

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Date:2003-08-06 19:08
Subject:Heat !
Mood: dirty

Je suis en pleine liquéfaction.
Je n'arrive même plus à penser,
à réfléchir.
je suis une flaque,
sans vie et immobile.


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Date:2003-08-03 21:07
Subject:oh well ...

You are Fascist

What: Fascism

Where: At the distant bottom-right of the politcal spectrum

How: Fascism supports total civil opression, particularly for minorities, who were prosecuted. However, it does open up to a free market. It has been attempted and failed in countries including Italy, and socialist version of it called Nazism was tried in Germany.

What political extremity are you?

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Date:2003-08-03 17:25
Subject:OOh poo poo pi dooh yeah
Mood: crushed

I realized i started university on Sept 10 th , that' s horrible, for i was hoping to start it on October . I had already planned a trip in Italy , but now it ' s over . Anyway,i'll be soon in South Africa, i still have to wait august 10 . L8er .

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Date:2003-08-01 16:39

Marie Trintignant DIED last morning.
Bertrand Cantat (Noir Désir band' s leader)will be judged soon. he said he killed her out of a sudden crazy surge.

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Date:2003-08-01 11:34
Subject:hey , aunt, look, i'm not a bitch

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Date:2003-07-31 20:27

J'aimerais avoir un coeur de pierre .

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